Saturday, April 25, 2009

Week 7 thoughts

Adrienne Moyle's comment on my Week 5 and 6 post gave me some ideas about setting up a discussion forum for my learners to gather feedback on their experiences of the course. This could be an ongoing forum - some of the feedback given may just be user training issues, which I could respond to online, and other suggestions may be design issues that I could consider and implement if appropriate. Thanks for that Adrienne.

Have just spent time going through my "list of things to do" for Weeks 7 and 8. As a result, I have revisited the eLearning Guidelines and have decided t0 change one of the guidelines that I had selected. The one that I have chosen instead of SD3, is:

SD2: Do students have any choice in terms of what they learn, the particular resources they will study and/or the learning activities they will engage in?

From this guideline, I hope to establish from my learners their needs in terms of content and learning styles - leading to the types of activities that will engage them.

Have retained ST1 guideline:

ST1: Do you have a way to identify student needs and respond to them?
The Needs Analysis will hopefully confirm that providing online software training for the staff at MIT will improve the options for learning (catering for different learning styles) and meet the needs of the learners. What I want to establish here is that there is a need for an online learning course for software training within the MIT staff.

Thanks Bronwyn for highlighting your feedback on Catherine's blog. This was very useful, and I will work on my sub-guidelines shortly.

Found the example of the evaluation plan , and also the evaluation tools very useful. Was unable to access theEvaluation Cookbook, but will try again tomorrow.

So working on my draft plan next - any feedback would be appreciated.

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