Sunday, May 17, 2009

Draft of Evaluation Plan v2

Hi everyone
V2 of my draft evaluation plan is now on google docs . Have discussed my first draft with Bronwyn and made amendments, but the questionnaires are new. So keen to have feedback on them, and any other general feedback.

thanks, and now will be able to get around to giving you feedback on your drafts.

bye for now


  1. Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, its true that it may be hard chasing the past students to get their opinion, so better keep it simple and concentrate on current students, I will keep that in mind. :).

    Regarding your evaluation.
    Your sample states :
    selected MIT staff and trainers with an interest in online learning"

    I was just wondering how would you choose the staffs do do the evaluation, are they the ones who have just recently finished a staff training with you guys or would you randomly choose staffs?

    Something to consider - MIT also have staffs working out of campus, community based, and its not always possible for them to attend staff training available at MIT campus. They would prefer the staff training provided by your department being available as a blended elearning online course. It would be good to get some feed back from staffs out of campus as well , I think :), its just a suggestion.

    Overall your plan looks great, and your questionnaires are well designed.

    All the Best


  2. Hi Krishan
    Thanks for your suggestions, particularly related to staff that are off campus. I was really focussing on the staff at the Otara campus, but you're quite right we do have staff who are not located at the central campus - community facilitators, Maritime School in the city, and the new Newmarket campus - and online learning could be very useful for them. Will look at including them in my evaluation.

    Thanks for you useful feedback.


  3. Hi Michelle,
    I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your questionnaires, I agree with Krishan they are really well designed :)I particularly like how you have worded your questions, which I am finding rather tricky to do myself - reading your plan has provided some inspiration!
    Thanks and good luck,