Monday, June 1, 2009

Final evaluation plan submitted

My final evaluation plan can be viewedon . This has been submitted for marking.

I have incorporated the feedback received from Bronwyn on my questionnaires, and also the feedback received from Krishan to include FreeB community facilitators, who are less able to access the face to face training that is provided for staff because of their offsite locations.



  1. Hi Michelle
    Comments on your results.
    Just an aside from what I can gather there is no place in google docs for comments so you need to also add the link to your blog. I have added my comments to you blog under the final evaluation plan.

    Looks like an extensive evaluation. I had a quick look at the question you wanted answered and you have covered them all, which is what its all about.
    I was a bit confused when you said that the majority of experts preferred audio visual demonstrations but the fig 1 next to it did not show that - in fact only 5 from 17 responses were for that.

    You commented that maybe you should have used a 4 scale likert test. I still like the use of a odd numbered likert scale (3,5,7 ) as the neutral option is a valid one. It says that either we don don’t know or that we are OK either way. When you only have 4 options you force the issue to one side of the other which may not reflect what the surveyed person actually thinks. In your case regards the need for training, the staff are saying that they think they could possibly get away without training but don’t really know. Like how do you know you need training when you don’t know what skills you need. So what they are saying is "I don’t Know" which is a valid response.

    Hope this is helpful

  2. Hi Pradeep
    Thanks, have put the link on my blog so that others can give feedback there.

    The confusion with Figure 1 (and a couple of others) is that I asked the recipients to "select all that apply". There were only five people involved in this particular evaluatio, so 100% said that they liked audio visual demo, and also selected other options. In hindsight I should have made select just one option. This is also the reason why I haven't put in %.

    Yes, take on board your comments about the likert 4 vs 5 scale, and they are valid. The comments that you made were the reasons that I chose the 5 scale in the first place. Room for thought!

    Thanks for helpful feedback,